The Tooth Doctor congratulates Miss Olivia Butler, our very own Miss Tampa, on her stellar representation of Tampa in the Miss Florida Pageant!

Winning the preliminary talent competition, then making her way into the Top 11 and finally into the Top 5 in the finals, Miss Butler went on to place as 2nd Runner up and make Tampa proud in the 2017 Miss Florida Pageant!

Watching her journey has been a great joy. Serving the Tampa area as Miss Tampa after her win in February, Miss Butler has involved herself deeply in the community and raised awareness and funding for needed charities. Her impressive dedication to the process and her amazing performances as a contestant throughout have paid off.

On July 1st, in the Youkey Theatre at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, FL, Miss Olivia Butler competed in the final night of the Miss Florida Pageant after taking the win in preliminary talent just two days ago. During the talent competition, Miss Butler sang a powerfully beautiful opera song which brought an amazing reaction from the crowd. We are so proud of her!


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Video of Olivia Butler’s Winning Performance in Preliminary Talent at the Miss Florida Pageant:

Miss Olivia Butler, Miss Tampa Wins Preliminary Talent at the Miss Florida Pageant!

Miss Olivia Butler, Miss Tampa Wins Preliminary Talent at the Miss Florida Pageant!

In February of 2017, Olivia Butler took the Miss Tampa title and crown. This title secured her as a contestant in the Miss Florida Pageant. The Tooth Doctor was a proud sponsor of Miss Butler for the Miss Tampa Scholarship Pageant that began this journey. We look forward to watching her next steps in leadership and serving the community in whatever path she takes!

Congratulations Olivia!!