What Are the Most Important Factors When Looking for the Best Tampa Dentist for You?

Patients searching for the ‘best dentist in Tampa‘ will be bombarded by many paid ads, a few website links, and a group of local listings with some reviews to sort through. While reading patient reviews is a great way to quickly assess the overall value of a local dentist, we have taken the time to list out specific factors to consider to help you find the best dentist for your and your family’s needs.

Here we focus on the most important factors when selecting a dentist which include experience, aesthetic eye and skill-full hands, communication ability and concern for the patient, and finally offering flexible payment options. These important factors drive the total patient experience and result in great outcomes. The Tooth Doctor excels in each of these areas and we have the loyal patients and rave reviews to prove it. This list of factors can help you in your decision when searching for a local dentist.


The most important factor, when selecting a local dentist, is his/her education. A number of online resources are available which rank U.S. dental universities by the quality of their programs. This is a great place to start. Most dentists post an About The Dentist page or section on their website to allow patients to review this information and consider other potentially relevant qualifications. If a dental practice doesn’t provide this for their dentists, it may be a good time to find one that does.


Experience is another important factor. The more patients a dentist has seen, the more variety of cases they will have treated and the more  proficient they will be at diagnosing and treating subsequent patients. The amount of time a dentist has spent  in his/her post grad professional experiences should be provided on the website.

An Aesthetic Eye and Skill-full Hands

Having an eye for aesthetically appealing outcomes and the skill to craft attractive reconstructions are extremely important factors that go hand in hand when you need cosmetic dentistry. Your smile is the first thing that people notice when they look at you. You can determine how skilled a cosmetic dentist is by reviewing his/her previous work. Before and after pictures coupled with patient reviews are a great source of information in this area.

Communication Ability and Concern for the Patient

Bedside Manner and Ability to communicate and to demonstrate genuine concern for the patient are factors of high importance. Will (s)he care about your concerns and respond to them in a thoughtful manner? Will the dentist care for you in a way that puts your best interest ahead of his/her revenue potential? Do you feel (s)he will weigh your needs and wants against other important considerations such as your financial situation and schedule requirements and will s(he) offer reasonable solutions? How personable is the dentist and his/her staff? These answers are easily found ahead of the first visit by reading a good sampling of patient reviews.

Comfort, Convenience, and Availability

The next set of factors are comfort, convenience and availability. How clean, attractive and comfortable is the office? How convenient is access from home or work? How easy is it to make an appointment and are lead times for next available appointments reasonable? How long do you have to wait to see the dentist after your you have arrived for your appointment? Will your dentist be flexible in providing the services that you or your family may need in case of emergency? How long do you have to wait to see the dentist after your you have arrived for your appointment? These questions may be answered by reviewing the contact page and/or giving a call to the office.

Flexible Payment Options

Last, but not least are financial questions. If you are insured, will the dentist accept your insurance plan? If you are not insured, what are the prices for the various services you need? Does the dentist offer financing in case you need an expensive procedure or extensive work? Does the dentist offer a dental savings program for his/her patients? The best way to obtain answers to these questions is to call the dentist’s office.

While the weight assigned to each factor may be different depending on individual circumstances, all patients deserve to have confidence in their provider’s ability to deliver on the factors most important to them. The selection of the right dentist is very important and can save you money and aggravation. Taking the time to find the best dentist for you may also provide the reward of a positive, long-term personal relationship with your dentist and his/her staff.

If you are looking for a dentist in Tampa you can trust, give The Tooth Doctor a call. We look forward to speaking with you!