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July 2017

Congratulations to Miss Tampa; 2nd Runner Up in the Miss Florida Pageant!

2018-05-15T12:19:03-04:00 July 1, 2017|Family Dentist, Tampa Dentist|

The Tooth Doctor congratulates Miss Olivia Butler, our very own Miss Tampa, on her stellar representation of Tampa in the Miss Florida Pageant!Winning the preliminary talent competition, then making her way into the Top 11 and finally into the Top 5 in the finals, Miss Butler went on to place as 2nd Runner up and [...]

January 2017

Warning Signs of Gum Disease

2018-05-15T12:19:37-04:00 January 18, 2017|Family Dentist, Tampa Dentist|

Are you one of the 47% of adults who experience gum disease? During your next visit to The Tooth Doctor, ask us about the health of your gums. Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. It is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Because gum disease [...]

December 2016

6 Tips for Cavity-Free Holidays

2018-05-15T12:19:57-04:00 December 16, 2016|Family Dentist, Pediatric Dentist, Tampa Dentist|

Will you be attending lots of parties and holiday events? If so, you may want to take a few things into consideration for your dental health. The Tooth Doctor and the ADA have some recommendations. Here are six tips from the American Dental Association to give you a little more balance during this year’s festivities: [...]