You Can Feel Safe Keeping your Appointment with The Tooth Doctor

If you are looking for a safe Tampa Dentist, The Tooth Doctor is your answer. Our office and staff understand and maintain meticulous infection control measures.

With COVID-19 looming, we are all very concerned any time we have to go anywhere.  Many have ignored routine and, even vital medical and dental care for fear of exposure.  As time goes by, many of us realize that we cannot remain in a cocoon forever and we begin to venture out ensuring that we are protected and that the places we visit are vigilant about infection control measures.

At The Tooth Doctor we are (and have always been) particularly focused and well qualified to implement infection control measures to protect our patients and our staff from COVID-19 and other pathogens.  Dr. Martinez is not only a DMD, but she is an MPH, (Master’s in Public Health). Her training in Public Health gives her the necessary knowledge to recognize the mechanism for contagion and the necessary actions to implement and maintain a tight control on all relevant protection and hygiene factors.

Infection control is highly important in a dental office, not only for the benefit of the patients, but also for the benefit of the staff.  As we are working in the mouth, we are highly susceptible to all contagions that are spread via aerosols.  So when you visit our office, not only will we ask you screening questions for COVID-19 , but we will also be wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure everyone’s safety.  The operatory where your dental work is done is always thoroughly disinfected prior to your arrival and after your appointment concludes.  We will also ensure that the scheduling of appointments is done at intervals that allow for no overlapping of patients.  In cases where overlap takes place, we ensure that our waiting room can accommodate you  with social distancing or we allow you to remain outside and we will call you when  you are ready to be seen.

At The Tooth Doctor, we care about you and your safety. 

If you have any questions about the health and safety of you or your family members before your dental visit, give us a call. We understand the concern and are happy to discuss our protocols and alleviate any fears.

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